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Why You Should Choose LUENX Sunglasses ?

LUENX is the sunglasses brand seller with leisure & fashionable lifestyle, which is more than of sunglasses, but also a wearing art of "Enlightening Life Experience", the brand culture that LUENX advocates.

LUENX takes sunglasses as a symbol of "ON MY WAY", a way for people to freely express and change themselves and most importantly an eyewear brand to enlighten life experience with high quality product materials, fashionable designs yet competitive price to rightly match the every unique of you!

LUENX SUNGLASSES with the highest value for money in the sunglasses industry, Each pair of sunglasses have UV 400 protection with 100% polarized lenses, giving you full protections when driving or outdoor activities. Stylish designs fit in well any cloth matching. Each pair of sunglasses is provided with a protective zip-up case,a soft bag, a soft clean cloth and a gift package classy enough as a gift to your friends and families.


Add:     16B3 C zuo Zhongxinhuayuan,BujiZhen Longgangqu,Shenzhen,GuangDong,China


Phone: +86 18938063386


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