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A Luenx Ambassador

Luenx's Brand Ambassador Program is an exclusive group of enthusiastic individuals who are active on social media, passionate about our brand concept, and eager to spread the word about Luenx Sunglasses. Want to be the first to know about luenx's yet-to-be-released frames, launch and restock dates, and local volunteer opportunities?.

Why our products?

Good for price

In the sunglasses industry,we will let our customers buy stylish, quality eyewear without the heavy retail markup.

Stylish for Appearance

Each of our Sunglasses is designed by famous designers who have been in the business for more than 20 years.

Recyclable Materials

We use recyclable materials,looking good while giving back and helping to preserve our environment.

Ambassador Perks

1.The chance to be featured across our social media accounts
2.Be the first to know about our new products
3.Win FREE Luenx Sunglasses!
4.Be part of a community of change makers
5.Help make a DIFFerence in the lives of others

Ambassador Responsibilities

1.Share your LUENX adventures on social media
2.Spread the word about the LUENX Eyewear brand
3.Represent LUENX in a professional and positive light
4.Show kindness to everyone - Your actions make this world a better place!

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